1. Provision of a cost-effective service to our clients by employing constant innovation and creativity in the administration process.
  2. Safeguarding the interests of the minor child through ensuring that all payments claimed are legitimate and strictly for the benefit of the child.

  3. Growing the benefits by investing the monies where good returns are earned.

  1. Making timely payments to beneficiaries.
  2. Provision of monthly, quarterly and adhoc statements.

  3. Reporting to the Trustees of Pension/Provident Funds on adhoc and quarterly basis.

  1. Alleviating the pain of the guardian and the beneficiary through the provision of a warm and personalized service. We understand the need for our clients to be heard and understood.

  2. Monitoring guardians as they execute their responsibilities.

  3. Counselling beneficiaries and guardians.

  4. Adhoc inspections on beneficiaries where we suspect welfare shortcomings.

  5. Provision of advice to next of keen meetings.

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